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EL: ART TRADE: Eamin by Revolution24
For :iconsillywritings: and :iconelvenlegends: 


I'll flesh the review out later: 

Experimented with photoshop more, will look at effects tutorials for lightning, fire etc
Found pressure on tablet works with photoshop to give more varied line thickness (didn't think it worked with photoshop before)
Posing worked well
Didn't get hacked off with the hands like normal

The shoulders were made too wide, giving the illusion he has a small head. 
Eye colour? 
No shading
Colouring of clothes (lots of grey and black, got messy fast)

Overall: Satisfied, but not over the moon

Ownership stuff:

Eamin and :iconelvenlegends: belong to :iconsillywritings: 
EL: Ios New Design by Revolution24
EL: Ios New Design
For :iconelvenlegends:


 Right, between designing Ios' armour and sword, drawing the final lines, water-colouring said final lines before FINALLY sharpening and editing the painting in photoshop and giving it a simple background this took AGGGGGEEESS. I was considered a year younger when I started work on this project as compared to when I finished. 

 So, in terms of design, I took a lot more time to consider it. Ios' colours are muted so as not to stand out too much and camoflage a bit better and he now wears leather and cloth as opposed to some steel in order to reduce his weight and make himself more mobile. The spikes on his shoulder and elbows along with the plating on his knees are made of dragon bone (taken from Viraku'un) and his knife and the pommel of his sword are made of two of Viraku'un's teeth. The sword went through several incarnations before I was happy with it. Originally the cross-guard was supposed to be shaped like a wing but after looking for more inspiration I decided to go for green flames winding around the handle and blade and a single scale from Iilah. His hair has grown long (after a suggestion from Archer). 

 As for the drawing itself I'm pretty damn happy. I tried for a few poses, some static, others dynamic. I decided to go with a simple but more 'powerful' looking pose. With regards to the lines, I'm very happy with the body and hair, it's simple but works. As for the face, it's not my best work, a lot of my previous attempts looked much better however it may just be the inking messed it up a bit. The skin tone had me worried as there was a lot of yellow in it when I was first painting this and it was maybe a bit too watery as it spread out of the lines but it's worked out alright, not amazing, but alright. 

 Overall, as usual, I'm pleased with it. The time it took was maybe on the long side but there were a lot of steps to this as I wanted to design him properly, which I feel I have. He looks much more like the character I want him to be. 

 Ownership stuff: 

Ios and his design belong to me

:iconelvenlegends: belongs to :iconsillywritings: 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Viraku'un stepped into a large clearing, big enough for him to move around properly in. Now he sent Hass another thought. A sound this time. Running footsteps. Leaves rustling. Twigs snapping underfoot. He was coming. Fast. But alone. Where was the dragon? Surely it still lived. Surely it hadn't left him to fight alone, even if it had injuries of its own? They faced the way from which they had come, ready.

Ios slowed a little, seeing the opening to a clearing ahead. As well as his target. He slipped among the trees and watched. The dragon awaited him, he had been too loud! If he had just taken his time... Nonetheless, he pulled on the bowstring and aimed...

They watched and waited. They couldn't see anything. The running had stopped. He couldn't have lost them, so where was he? Viraku'un growled. He wanted this over and done with, the uncertainty was getting to him. Hass understood, it was strange being the prey. There. The light rustle of leaves, almost silent, even to the great dragon. He turned his head slightly to the left, looking... nothing. They would have burned the area just to be sure if they didn't want even more attention drawn to them.

Then there was a blinding pain and Viraku'un was shrieking and flailing his head, roaring as red blossoms sprouted from his left eye.

"WHERE ARE YOU!? COME AND FACE ME, COWARD! SEE HOW WELL YOUR ARROWS STAND AGAINST MY FIRE!" More thrashing and Hass was thrown from his back. He landed on the ground with a thud. His sword and spear thankfully landed a few feet away as opposed to on him. Or through him.

Lifting his head groggily, his vision blurry, he could see Viraku'un breathing fire in a long line after their assailant, who was running quickly, firing arrows into his softer underbelly and neck. Viraku'un lost his patience with the fire and soon swung a massive, clawed front foot at the man, who nimbly dive rolled out of the way before continuing his barrage of arrows. This time the dragon
reared up, taking a few more arrows in the belly as he did so, and slammed his whole body down.

Shockwaves ripped up dirt and mud and threw the assassin meters away against a tree, stunning him. Hass himself was slid along the ground to the treeline. His vision still blurred, he took a few moments to recover. Opening his eyes again, he saw Viraku'un walk forward to finish the assailant off. His reared back, preparing to lunge forward and bite him...

Ios looked up, dazed. He saw the massive black dragon in front of him. Then there was some green. Then green and black swirls on the ground in front of him. Blinking heavily, he cleared his vision to see Iilah and the large dragon disappear into the treeline, tearing and shrieking at each other.

The next thing Ios noticed was Gwerder coming for him, the large man was already striding with all of his weaponry, looking determined to finish him. Ios staggered to his feet and collected his own equipment. Aiming for Gwerder's head, he knocked an arrow onto the bowstring straight away and fired. The bigger man simply lifted his shield and caught the arrow. Ios moved around him, firing more arrows and looking for an opening, but he blocked each and every one of them, giving Ios no opportunities of hitting him at all. Reaching back for another arrow, he found that only one remained; the one he made with Archer.

"Shit..." He looked at Gwerder and sighed. This was going to be risky and difficult...

He ran straight at Gwerder. Just before he got in reach of his spear, he darted to the right, knocking the arrow onto the bowstring. As Gwerder turned to face him, he ran at him again, jumping up. Gwerder angled his shield, probably positioning it to better take the shock of Ios hitting into it. Instead of slamming into him, Ios used the shield as a launch pad, vaulting several feet above him. In the space of a second in the air, Ios twisted to face downwards, aimed at Gwerder and fired the stone arrow. Twisting again he landed behind him, rolling to absorb to shock.

Turning, he saw the arrow jutting out of a gap between his shoulder pad and torso. Gwerder slowly turned his head to look at the arrow. He threw down the spear and shield before pulling the arrow out and throwing it down. He turned to face Ios with his sword.

"Well, assassin, consider me impressed. Now enough flowery displays, let's finish this." Gwerder intoned. Ios stood, drawing his own sword. Both of them adopted their fighting stances. They both moved forward and clashed. Swinging wildly at eachother, the two generals sent sparks flying, screaming and cursing at eachother. Gwerder raised his blade and Ios jumped back to dodge. Nonetheless, the blow caught his right gauntlet and split it straight down the middle, barely avoiding the flesh. Ios jumped back forward and swung for Gwerder again, only for the blow to be met by his falchion.

They sparred back and forth, with Ios darting in and out, his few slashes that got past Gwerder's guard merely scratching his thick armour. Gwerder, on the other hand, cut and nicked Ios at every opportunity. They both paused, panting.

"You're really dragging this out assassin, nobody has lasted this long, bleeding as you are." Gwerder said, laughing between breaths.

"I'd hate to dissappoint. Afterall, this is your last fight, I might as well make it interesting for you." Ios chuckled back. A glimmer in Gwerder's eyes hinted at a grin beneath his helmet.

"Assassin, you have stood against both me and Viraku'un. It takes guts to stand up to someone bigger than you. And even more so to face off with a dragon... Tell me, what is your name?"

"Ios Vindril. Now you tell me, Gwerder... why have you turned your back on your own people? Why have you betrayed us?"

"A new age is within our grasp, Vindril. The time of the four races is nearly over. We can form one, stronger, smarter, better race of elves. We needn't be divided anymore. Our enemies can be overcome if we leave behind our old, foolish ways. The Nameless have shown us this. They have no dragons or griffins. Only their own power. Yet they pose a threat to all of the races and even the  minotaurs follow their every command! They are our future! Can you not see it!?" Gwerder raved. Ios shook his head.

"The Nameless have simply burst into the scene and killed innocent people. They haven't even attempted to win anyone over with words. They view themselves as a master race, whose right it is to rule. They are wrong. Maybe some of them have been wronged, but none of them hold the right to rule because they have the blood of more than one race!" Now it was Gwerder's turn to shake his head.

"Foolish, blind assassin. Do you not see that this system is failing? Nobody is truly allies! We are all scatter- AGHHHH!" The bigger man fell to his knees, shrieking.

"Gwerder?" Ios frowned, not sure if he was trying to trick him. "What are you doing?" A roar erupted through the forest and part of the forest behind them lit up.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! V-V-V.... VIRAKU'UN!" The man leapt up and ran straight for Ios, swinging his sword in a wide arc. Ios dived out the way, barely avoiding the blade. So that was how some people reacted when their bonded died, Ios wondered. He dodged in and out, letting Gwerder chase him. Once more they both paused, only this time Ios wasn't out of breath.

"SHE KILLED HIM! SHE TORE OUT HIS THROAT!" Gwerder wailed, sobbing. Ios actually felt sorry for him. This was probably how he would cope... or rather, not cope, if the same happened to him. At that moment, Iilah re-emerged from the forest. She turned to Ios, and breathed a lick of fire over him.

"Deliver his punishment." She said flatly as the flames clung to Ios and his sword. He turned back to Gwerder, who now looked terrified as well as devastated.

"W-WHAT... W-WHAT IS THIS!?" He screamed.

"This is what follows when you betray Iukan. This is the end." Ios growled, feeling up for a dramatic statement. He strode forward to Gwerder who swung his falchion weakly at him. Ios parried the attack with next to no effort and stabbed at him. His sword came into contact with Gwerder's chestplate and melted through it. The flames dispersed and Gwerder's helmet fell off as he slumped forward. Ios layed him down gently as the metal began to cool already, his sword fixed into Gwerder's armour.

"V-vira.... vi..." He quivered.

"Be silent. Your fight has finished, Hass." Ios told him, his voice shaking. He still couldn't get over killing another elf... it seemed so... cruel. Killing minotaurs was one thing but Elves were another. He had been quick to do it before but... could he actually go through with it again if the time came? Hass' breath became ragged, blood trickling from his mouth.

"H-how did I lose? To... some kid who... barely..? Is it... too late? A-are we... lost?" He said, voice trembling. Ios frowned.

"What do you mean? Kid who barely what? How are we lost?" He asked, the child still in him scared of what he could mean. "What are you talking about?" The older man coughed, blood spattering onto his chin. His breathing slowed, becoming deep as his eyes drooped shut. With a last shuddering breath he went, leaving Ios to gape at the body.

"Bloody hell! Tell me what you meant!" He shouted, voice breaking. Iilah's light tread thumped behind him as she approached.

"Don't dwell on a fool's last words, Ios. We have won." She said, gently nudging him with her nose. Ios nodded and pulled the stone arrow out of Hass' shoulder. Standing, he looked at his sword and sighed before kicking the flat of the blade, snapping it. He picked up the handle.

"Don't wanna leave this here, it could get recognised. Ugh, I'm going to need a replacement..."

"Perhaps you could scavenge a few claws and scales from the battlefield. Viraku'un and I didn't let up on one-another." Ios nodded and set about picking up any arrows or scales he could find.

"There's going to need to be a lot of fixing to cover this up..." He sighed.
EL: Ios' Secret Mission Part 5
For :iconelvenlegends: 


So, I've finally got this all done, it's taken me much longer than I initially thought but I've definitely enjoyed it. This is the first time I've successfully completed a series of literature deviations at all. I do really enjoy writing (always have done) and it's something I'd like to keep doing every now and then. Whether or not I go back and resurrect a book I once tried to write or stick to writing pieces about Ios and the other elves' misadventures I really don't know. 

 By the end of all this, I really didn't want to have to kill of Hass and Viraku'un, but they have both served their purpose now. 

 This last part seems much more balanced to me in that while there is action, Ios does get the chance to question Hass, who does stand his ground and states his argument, as wrong (or right) as he may be. Once more, I am proud of this chapter/segment as there has been some continuous development to Ios as a character, Hass' last words will always stay with him and he will now doubt his own role and standing in the conflict with the nameless (no thanks to Mino, who is now beginning to poke at Ios' conscience) along with his actions (it's more Archer who gives him a row than anyone else xD ). 

 And the last of the rambling goes to how Ios and Iilah finished Hass off. The way in which Iilah sets Ios alight and he survives is kinda a manifestation of their bond thing I was thinking of and talked to :iconrobotswithcookies: about. Hopefully it's a bit more clear by what I meant when I first told you about is but I can rewrite the ending if you want it changed. 

Anyway, ownership stuff now as usual: 

:iconelvenlegends: belongs to :iconrobotswithcookies: / :iconsillywritings:

Ios, Iilah, Hass Gwerder and Viraku'un belong to me
Five days later, Ios was still tracking Gwerder in the woods. How did he manage to lose sight of a dragon that large so fast? Especially when it was injured and staggering! He would catch up to them and show them what he was really made of. He knew he would.

"They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, Ios. Put an arrow in one... and even a dragon would fall. You might just be able to buy some time in the fight if you place just one arrow sensibly." Iilah's voice echoed in his head, still slightly strained, but he could feel the strength returning to her.

"I hear you. But what about Gwerder? That armour is going to be a problem..."

"There are gaps in the plate at his joints, child. Remember, every chain has its chink. That mail can be punched through it you strike hard enough. Take out an elbow, a shoulder and he cannot strike back. Maybe he won't be able to lift his shield. A knee..." He could hear her laugh bitterly in his head. "He won't be able to stand. You might be smaller and less armoured, Ios, but you are faster, more agile. Use that to your advantage."

"Understood." He stalked further through the undergrowth, crushed under the weight of giant feet.


Hass lay slumped on Viraku'un's back, exhausted and terrified. He didn't know who had attacked them and forced them to land. He didn't know how to find his allies anymore. He didn't even know if they wanted him with them now, since he had screwed up this escape so badly. The spy farmer and his footmen were most likely dead now, killed by the cloaked assailant who had chased them from the city. Shit. Another general as well. It was too late for him to turn back now. His dissent would know no forgiveness. He was to be killed if he returned.

He remembered how his parents had been killed in a raid on his village in his childhood. How he had been taken in by the soldiers. Raised by them. The only reason he would turn his back on the Iukan army, his family, was because of the leaders. And the false stigma surrounding mixed race elves. His father was a pure Iukan, his mother was only half-blood though. She used to make small lights with nothing but her hands, just to entertain him. She would play the flute to help him sleep and show him how to live off the forest. He missed them both so much.

He never missed the funny looks people gave her though, or the jibes from other children. It had disappeared when he was with the soldiers, however. When he had a sword or dagger on his belt, or a spear in his hands. Strength and power had influence over all of them. The soldiers never knew of his lineage, would they have cared? Maybe, once the Nameless appeared. Either way, he had only left to correct things. To end the persecution. Simple kindness and tolerance did not exist for people like him, you had to have more power than everyone else to be accepted. Joining The Nameless was simply going to be a stage for him to remove the leaders. Once they were gone, better people would fill in the empty spaces and change the elves for the better. One race. One people, together. Surely that would be best?

"Stop thinking about it so much, Hass. Just rest. They could be back any minute. If you worry about things you may be too strung-out to fight." Viraku'un boomed in his head. He grinned. His dragon would do anything for him. People always judged him too, they thought he would be a brute since he was so large, but really, he only wanted to protect Hass. They meant the world to each other. They never argued, never disagreed. Their thoughts were almost as one, nothing was hidden. Hass closed his eyes.

"Your injuries are still far from good" He said, knowing, feeling, that he was still to recover. There was a big rip in the membrane of his right wing, the only reason the hadn't flown away. The green dragon and her rider were lucky they had decided to not finish them off after that. An ending like that would have been pretty embarrassing.

"Correct. I lost a fair bit of blood. But I'll last yet. You are certain you are uninjured." Again, a statement, not a question.

"Also correct, friend. If you need to stop, please, do. I'll sleep for now. Wake me if we reach our new allies."

"Good. And don't fret about me, you know I will be fine." A few moments of silence passed and Hass was ready to slip away into sleep when Viraku'un sent him another thought. A smell this time, which was a strange sensation. He hadn't quite got used to that yet. But this smell was unsettling. Dirt, wood... normal in a forest... but also cloth. Leather. Sweat. Steel. An elf. He was catching up to them. Close enough for that much detail to reach them. They were going to have to finish him off after all...

A few hundred meters behind them, Ios still followed them. Hearing something ahead but not seeing, he rushed forwards, unslinging his bow and knocking his arrow. Now he would end this!
EL: Ios' Secret Mission Part 4
For :iconelvenlegends: 


So I think I said I would have this up almost a month ago. I've been pretty busy since I started this, with another trip (two weeks that time) and some other things going on in the background making up most of my troubles. I'm planning to work on this today and I'll hopefully have it all finished. The fifth part is all written and I'm just going to proof read it, changing the wording here and there so that it sounds good to me. 

 In this part I've tried to develop Hass and Viraku'un so that they aren't just bog-standard villains with no reasoning behind their actions. I think I've done okay at this, it is my first time trying to develop a character on my own outside of RPing. My only concern is that Hass falls under the old stereotype of the bullied person turning on the cruel world but at the same time I've tried to give him a slightly different view to that of Eamin, with The Nameless just being one step in his 'plan'. 

 Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, keeping it to a more developing role as opposed to constant fighting or tension. I suppose you could call it the calm before the storm. 

Anyway, ownership stuff: 

:iconelvenlegends: belongs to :iconrobotswithcookies: / :iconsillywritings: 

Ios, Iilah, Hass Gwerder and Viraku'un all belong to me
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
The moon was now at its peak and the trees were blanketed gently with its light. The night was quiet out of the walls. Nobody could have possibly guessed that two generals of the Iukan army were going to fight to the death... The farmhouse glowed with candle light in two rooms and the path was lit every few metres by torches. For a farm, it was well built up. The house was made from stone and timber as you would expect, but it was very well kept. Every stone was well shaped and all of the paths had not a weed growing on them. Rows upon rows of corn drifted in the wind and livestock could be heard in distant fields. Ios stalked through the corn field as Iilah lurked amongst some trees in a nearby forest.

"Be careful, Ios. You still don't know anything about Gwerder's fighting style. All I know about his dragon and him is that they are big. And I mean big. Gwerder stands the best part of a foot taller than you..."

"Stop fretting, try and keep your mind clear for this."

"I don't think I can, little one, but I'll be sure to try.."

As Ios crept closer to the house, he heard voices. One higher pitched, the other deep but smooth.

"They should've been back almost an hour ago!" the high pitched one wailed.

"Relax, I'm certain they'll be here soon. You know how young men are. If there is drink and women they just can't resist."

"Hmph! They're meant to be devoted to the cause! Not going on a boozer!" Ios slipped up to a window and peered inside around the edge. A wiry man stood up, pacing. He wore no armour and had no weapons, so Ios thought him the owner of the farm. The other man however... he was big. Very big. Six-foot and eleven-inches big. He lounged in a chair wearing a draconic looking helm. He had heavy steel shoulder pads, a thick gorget, chainmail where plate did not cover and a dark-blue surcoat to top it off. Lying a few feet away in the corner of the room was an eight-foot spear, a shield as big as some fully grown men and a great one-and-a-half handed falchion. Ios could barely believe what he was seeing! This was just too good! He was the perfect challenge! Big! Armour! Terrifying weapons! This was going to be great!

"Ios! Be careful! You'll be seen!"

"Okay, okay! I'll need to slip in to get them though..."
He sidled up to the front door and silently opened it, creeping in, he moved to the archway leading to the kitchen. He peered in and saw that both men were now looking out the window.

"Hmm... they definitely should be here by now..." Gwerder intoned.

"Something's gone wrong, I can just tell!" the farmer cried shrilly.

Ios checked the room again. Gwerder was away from his weapons, now was his chance! He silently drew his sword from its scabbard and charged in. Both turned. Gwerder moved surprisingly quickly for his weapons. Ios moved straight for him but the farmer got in the way. Ios slammed him to the floor but it was too late. Gwerder had his weapons.

"Go Gwerder! Forget the other two and go to the meeting point! They know we're here!" Gwerder nodded and went straight out the door. Ios chased after him, surely he could catch up to him if he was weighed down with all that armour? Once he plunged into the night, however, he stopped straight away to see Gwerder's dragon towering over him. Gwerder glanced back at him and jumped onto the massive beast. It's scales were a deep, almost black, blue so that it blended into the night sky. Long, sharp teeth as long as great-swords jutted from its mouth and sharp-edged, spiky armour covered most of his body. A massive, earth-shattering roar erupted from its maw, so loud that Ios was actually forced back, and fire as dark as the dragon's eyes formed in its throat.

"NONE SHALL HARM MY RIDER!" A horrifying voice boomed in Ios' head. The dragon reared his head, ready to bathe him in flame. Ios thought his death approached him... Until a bladed tail smashed into the side of the dragons body and bright green flame wreathed his face. The beast shrieked at Iilah, who was visibly smaller and fled, wanting to protect his rider more than fight right now.

"Jump on Ios! We'll defeat them in the skies!" He hopped up onto Iilah's back and they shot off after Gwerder and his dragon. Although gaining height would give an advantage in fighting, they needed the moonlight to spot the pair and so kept lower. Looking up, they could be seen clearly. The dragon was definitely powerful, but not the most agile, especially with all that armour. They shot up after them.

Iilah slammed into the underside of the dragon, knocking him upwards and stunning him. Gwerder yelled something unintelligible as they plummeted. The dragon recovered quickly and straightened out before rounding on Iilah. The headed straight for one another and clashed.

For a few moments, the world was fangs, fire, claws, roaring and tails smashing into limbs. The two dragons separated and flew in opposite directions and upwards. They arced back towards one another for a second round. Iilah surged upwards and made a short dive for the other dragon. They dropped altitude massively and they separated once more. The other dragon came straight back at them, breathing fire and heading for Iilah's neck. She twisted and managed to slip past his fangs. He continued breathing fire however and Iilah shrieked, jerking away from him and smashing his head with her tail.

For a few moments, Ios was completely disorientated. Slowly regaining his senses, he looked down at Iilah's side where the other dragon had burned her. It was almost completely black with soot.

"Iilah, are you okay!?" He asked, panicking for a moment.

"I'm absolutely fine, it'll take something different than dragonfire to kill a dragon. She replied. "Are you okay yourself? You didn't get injured, did you?"

He looked down at himself and saw a scorch mark on his armour. Strangely, he didn't feel a thing. Miraculously, other than that, there was not a scratch on him.

"My armour is a little scorched but that's it!"

"Excellent! We continue then!" She maneuvered herself and they chased after Gwerder once more. This time they didn't turn to come back but dived down. The massive weight of the dragon alongside his armour dragged him down to earth at an unbelievable speed before he flattened out somewhere below where he couldn't be seen by elven eye.

Iilah plunged after him and soon they were in sight again. They surged forward and caught up, launching onto the back of the other dragon. They plummeted into a forest in a mess of wings and tails, snarling and hissing at each other, exchanging fire and blows. Staggering onto all fours, the two circled each other breathing heavily. Iilah leaped forward. The larger dragon moved sideways and everything seemed to slow down. He body slammed Iilah, the force making a loud thud and throwing her sideways. She landed on one of her wings with a horrible crunch and shrieked. Ios was trapped under her. The other dragon growled, seemingly satisfied, turned and staggered away, his head wounds catching up to him.

"Shit! Iilah! What just happened!?" He called out loud, not bothering to keep the conversation in his head.

"What do you think!? I just got thrown several metres! I think my wing is broken..." She replied.

"Seriously? How do we get him now?"

"I get off you and you go after him on foot! What else?"

"Ughh... sounds like too much effort..." He complained. Iilah hauled herself up and limped to rest under some trees.

"I'll regather my strength, you go on for now..." Ios looked over to her, worried for what must be the first time in his life and headed after Gwerder...
EL: Ios' Secret Mission Part 3
For :iconelvenlegends: 


So, part 3 finally! Things kick off quite a bit now and Ios and Hass clash for the first time! I think this'll be five parts in total now as opposed to four. 

This has more long paragraphs than the other parts and there is a lot more description and action, which I am happy about. 

Ownership stuff: 

:iconelvenlegends: belongs to :iconrobotswithcookies: 

Ios, Iilah, Hass and his dragon (even though neither are full OCs) belong to Me
I'm now back from my four weeks in Africa and it's safe to say that I had the time of my life. I was quite certain if I wanted to come home or not but I didn't have much of a choice sadly. I hope everyone has been well since I was away.

Anyway, I'll now be active again and replying to messages, posting art, rping and so on. 




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btw, I owe you this from earlier today!

:icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz: :icondragonhugplz:

Missed you! :) 
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haha xD Hmmm... let's see...

:iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: 

(it was originally about three or four times the size but the system thought it was spam xD) 

Missed you too! :) 
AjTheAssasian Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:icondragonhugplz: Aw I wins haha!!! :) 
andyay!! :3
Revolution24 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Weeellll.... I would argue that I broke the spam limit but I'll give you this one xD 
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So today if we reply as fast as possible on here it would be epic cause i have like 30 mins till i gotta go 0n0
Revolution24 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist
Sounds good! I'll do just that!
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