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I should probably have updated this sooner but I am back now from my trip, I'll be quite busy but I am here and available now! 
Hey everyone, I'm going to be gone for a little while again! This time until next Saturday/Sunday! I'll have my tablet with me so I will still reply to messages every now and then but I'll probably not be able to rp since I'll be busy! I'll see you all soon though!

Rev :D 
EL: Nydreich Profile by Revolution24
EL: Nydreich Profile

For :iconelvenlegends:


Name: Nydreich Volhart (Nee-dre-ch Foll-heart)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Iukan with a trace of all the other races.

Class: Spymaster. Swordsman. Assassin. Charmer (lolnope).

Personality:  Arrogant in the extreme, he believes that he is a hero and that his cause is flawless and absolute in its logic. He will also sacrifice anything to succeed in his quest. His loyalty to Eamin is unwavering and his hatred for the four race system and its supporters is . Eloquent, polite and suave, his words are as dangerous as his sword. Although he views himself as a hero delivering justice to the four races he is really just a petulant child who is trying to take what the Iukans would not give him.

Strengths: Physically and mentally strong. Isn't fazed from his goal and is very persuasive in bringing others to his way of thinking. Skilled but not unequalled strategist. His sword is enchanted and can be used to defend himself from magic while being significantly stronger than the common hacker and can be used with either one or two hands. He has some simple fire magic, but that is all.

Weaknesses: His only weapon in combat is his sword as he has no ranged weapon or even a back-up melee weapon like a knife, so if he drops it or is disarmed he is pretty helpless at close range. His arrogance will probably be the death of him. Although he wears some armour, there are plenty of gaps and unprotected areas that are still important, like his head.

Background: Nydreich comes from an old and proud but almost forgotten family that he wished to return to its former glory by becoming the first general in several generations. Due to this, he had to work his way up from the very bottom, starting in the Iukan army. Working hard, Nydreich served the military with seemingly unbreakable loyalty, even leading a small group of trusted recruits into the great mountain to save a seemingly unimportant and reckless sergeant at the cost of one of his comrades.

 When being considered for promotion to general, he was rejected on the opinion of a single well-established general; the grounds being that he had a number of occasions of mixed blood in his heritage, thanks to a number of charming and whimsical ancestors. Supposedly the word 'mongrel' was used to describe him, which gave his pride one hell of a knock. Feeling robbed, Nydreich considered his time in the Iukan army and his prospects. Blaming his rejection on attitudes towards mixed blood , the arrogance and naivety of others, Nydreich deserted.

 He used what money he had to buy a horse and the family outfit re-sized for himself. Travelling for a number of days searching for the Nameless, he was eventually happened upon by a patrol who had been notified of his desertion. Trying his best to fight them off, he killed a small number of them but lost his horse in the fight. Fleeing into the forests he stumbled into the Nameless and joined them. Using his old and sympathetic contacts, he now gathers information on patrols and supply lines for Eamin while carrying out the occasional assassination of minor political figures.


The enchanted sword is an heirloom of his family.

All the men of the Volhart family had the tattoo on Nydreich's face on the right hand side of their face, while the women have it on the left.

Probably in love with himself. And the colour red.

Personal Quote:  "Relinquish your hold on the rotten old world and join our new, fairer society."

Theme Song: Villainy Thrives by Trivium…


This came out alright, his clothes are a little pink but the colouring came out alright overall. His boots ought to be blacker, however. I'm pretty pleased with his design since it's a lot more elaborate than most of my OCs I would say. On the other hand, some of his coat looks a bit flat/stiff and some decorations longer than their 'symmetrical' ounterparts. The ruins on his sword ought to have a glow to them, but I haven't managed to pull that off yet.


Ownership stuff:

Nydreich belongs to me, :iconrevolution24:

:iconelvenlegends: and the application background belong to :iconsillywritings:

:iconvia--chan: tagged me a while back it seems so it's kinda cheek for me to have done the last tag and not this one.


♛ Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
♛ Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
♛ You MUST make a journal entry! No comments

1: How long have you been an artist?
I've been serious about improving for about two or three years, since I started buying books to learn from and more useful kit.

2: How much would you say you've improved over the last 2 years?
Quite a bit. Not massively, but a fair bit. 

3: Do you do art for a career or just for fun?
Just for fun and to relax. Until I get the water-colours out, then I get frustrated

4: Do you draw males or females better? Or are you good at both?
Males, since I draw them more often, I'm not terrible at drawing girls, I just find it difficult not to exaggerate their figure, since if I tone it down, they look like guys. 

5: What part of the world are you from?
Europe. :iconheplz: Maybe.

6: If you could go anywhere else in the world where would it be?
Japan maybe? I've been to Africa and I'd definitely like to go back.

7: What advice do you have for improving your artwork?
Experiment. Following art books like I have can make your art look better, but It'll also look like the art of the person you learn from. Every artist ought to have something to set them apart, after all, art is kinda a reflection of our character. I guess. So even if you learn from a book, try finding something you can use to give it your personal touch by messing about with different kit. Maybe even take something you like from somebody else's style and mix them a bit. 

8: How long do your pieces usually take?
Too long. 

9: Where do you  get inspiration?
From rping or general thought. Games and music help. Just whatever gets me thinking I guess.

10: what is your favorite medium to draw with?
I draw with a mechanical pencil but I go over lines with ink and colour with water-colours if I'm going to post it here.

I shall tag: 

:iconvia--chan: (Back at you!)

Because you all obviously want to do this so badly :iconheplz: (a second time in your case Via)

Here are your questions: 

1: What got you into your art?
2: How do you get yourself worked up to draw/write or cosplay etc?
3: How do you learn best or improve in your chosen hobby/hobbies?
4: What music do you enjoy most?
5: If you could make a character for any game, movie, television show or anime what one would it be and why?
6: Cat or dog? 
7: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
8: Can you lick your elbow? (grasping at straws)
9: Where is the most exotic place you have been?
10: How do you deal with procrastination? 

:dummy: Yay to killing time!
Taken from :iconsillywritings: 

I don't normally do these things but I have a little time to kill.


1.) Take each letter of your (User)name and find a song for each letter 
2.) Tag the same amount of people as the amount of letters 


R- Ragnarok-Periphery
E- Eden-TesseracT
V- Vertigo- U2
O- Omnos-Eluveitie
L- Long Live the Misanthrope- Soilwork
U- Uprising- Muse
T- The Siren- Nightwish
I- Illuminoid Dream Sequence- Scar Symmetry
O- Out in the Fields- Gary Moore ft. Philip Lynott
N- Narcissistic Cannibal- Korn ft. Skrillex and Kill the Noise (kill me) 


:iconajtheassasian: :iconvia--chan: :icontigermis-cosplay: 

pfff, there's not many people I can tag for this but oh well, maybe have fun! (or pull your hair out and get hiccups like I did)
I should probably have updated this sooner but I am back now from my trip, I'll be quite busy but I am here and available now! 



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